Young Nurse Professionals Issue 1(6)

In this issue: Meet YNP Hero, Ashlee Homer! Letter from the Editor Meet YNP Hero Event Spotlight Meet-A-Member State Happenings Letter from the Editor Happy fall, YNPs! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the fall that I loveembracing the cooler weather, making warm drinks, unpacking my sweaters, encouraging my patients to get their flu shots… Anyway, even though the weather is cooling, things are only heating up here at PSNA for the YNP group! Not only do we have some great events through the end of the year—including the PSNA “Nurses Matter” Conference in the Poconos—but we also have a great lineup of events for 2017! We’ve also started to make more of an effort to reach out to student nursing groups at various schools. I am personally very excited about this because student nurses, who will join our ranks as YNPs very soon, are excited and passionate to join the community of nurses and get to work! And we are so happy to have them! Danielle Weaver, BSN, RN YNP Pittsburgh On September 28th, PSNA Young Nurse Professional Ashlee Homer, RN, testified before the House Children & Youth Committee regarding neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). "Taking care of NAS babies requires extra resources ... RNs must find the balance between meeting the medical and social needs for each baby and their family while determining how best to provide nursing care for each one individually. Some infants do better with nearly constant movement while holding them. Others do better in a dark, nonstimulating environment. It is heartbreaking to watch these smallest patients cry inconsolably and feed uncoordinated. This can cause growth delays, tremors and sometimes seizures. The child may also experience very limited to no bonding experiences with its parents." Want to get involved? The ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Board has undertaken a review and revision of the ANA position statement, Non-punitive Treatment of Pregnant and Breast-feeding Women with Substance Use Disorder. ANA is soliciting public comment on the revised position statement. The deadline for comments is 5 p.m. ET October 17th. Visit the ANA website here for more information and to download the draft. Like our page! Tweet at us! @panurses Follow us!