Young Nurse Professionals Code Blue

Special Edition An Urgent Message In this issue: Letter from the Editor An Urgent Message Dear Flo Letter from the Editor Hello, fellow change-makers! I write to you with the utmost urgency. As a newly practicing nurse, I have enjoyed learning about my newfound profession, including how to sneak in a lunch snack in under thirty seconds. Unfortunately, a huge problem has also quickly become apparent, one that affects my day-to-day practice: unsafe staffing. Regrettably, this is a problem that affects far too many nurses and consequently, their patients. Even with the best of intentions, there is only so much that a single nurse can do at a time. This is why I have chosen to attend the PSNA Code Blue on April 11th. It’s time that our legislators hear from us, the nurses who are in the “trenches” every day and are most affected by this issue. And so I appeal to you now: join us for the Code Blue on April 11th in Harrisburg. Let your voice be heard! Danielle Weaver, BSN, RN YNP Pittsburgh Over the last six years, Pennsylvania lawmakers have been unable to reach a final agreement on the Safe Nurse Staffing Act. This act empowers nurses to create patient-safety staffing plans aimed at reducing medical errors, saving lives, and confronting chronic burnout by nursing professionals. That’s why we’re going to Harrisburg. As patient advocates, we can no longer allow a legislative solution to be postponed. It’s time to act. On April 11th, we will meet at the State Museum (adjacent to the Capitol) at 8am for registration and refreshments. Our first presentation will kick off at 9am. Morning sessions include a presentation from the Safe Nurse Staffing Act Sponsor Representative Mauree Gingrich. The rest of the day includes a 12:30 Rotunda #CodeBlue Rally and allows for time to meet with legislators, have lunch, and tour the Capitol. The day will close with a Code Blue Thunderclap at the museum. A CNE will be awarded. Let’s make history together and win one for the health and safety of every Pennsylvanian! Register to attend here! Why are nurses calling a Code Blue on April 11th? 70% of Pennsylvania nurses surveyed confirmed inadequate staffing negatively impacts their ability to serve their patients daily/weekly Surgical deaths are more than 60% higher in poorly-staffed hospitals In 2014, a total of 240,778 “serious events and incidents” were reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System Like our page! Tweet at us! @panurses Follow us!