Young Nurse Professionals 1(4)

Special Edition Renew Your YNP Membership Today! We all know being part of a But what we have found to be great In this issue: professional organization is important. We heard it in school, we hear it at work, but it’s hard to prioritize when we begin our careers with a heavy work schedule. Letter from the Editor Renew Your YNP Membership YNP Happenings If you do decide to join, some organizations can feel daunting. Perhaps we don’t feel like the other members want our input since we’re new. Maybe we don’t believe that we will ever get to make a difference and meet the leaders of the organization. Letter from the Editor Hello, YNPs! After graduating from nursing school, life becomes a bit overwhelming. Taking and passing boards, finding and starting a job, learning once you start your job that you really didn’t learn anything in nursing school…or was that just me? Anyway, becoming an active member of a professional organization, while we know it’s important, can feel like just another thing on our “To Do” list. But I’ve found that the YNP group really does stand by and fulfill its mission to help young nurses, and being a YNP has provided me with opportunities to not just be a nurse, but truly feel part of the nursing profession at large. Renew your membership today and see how the YNPs can help YOU! Danielle Weaver, BSN, RN YNP Pittsburgh about the YNPs of PSNA is that those hesitations or fears aren’t true. The YNPs is a group that caters to the needs of new nurses, such as providing CEs, networking opportunities with nurse leaders, and social events to meet other YNPs. But we wanted to hear from you! So, we asked other YNP members… Why Did YOU Become a YNP? I met the President of PSNA at my first event- she was so nice! -Sarah I really wanted to meet other young nurses in my area. -Kelly Getting career advice from experienced RNs has been very valuable. -Paul Like our page! PSNA wine tastings are the best! -Andrew There are so many opportunities to get involved. -Gabby Tweet at us! @panurses Follow us!