YMCA Summer 2021-2022 Healthy Living Magazine - Page 6

ELIZABETH RADICEVIC Elizabeth Radicevic is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Nutritionist who specialises in nutrition to support a range of disabilities , sports nutrition and gastrointestinal health . Follow Liz on Instagram @ radnutrition or find out more at https :// l . kintell . com / ckRDy4


Liz gets us enthused with some creative foodie gifts this festive season .
With the festive season approaching fast , everyone ’ s on the lookout for unique gift ideas . Why not get creative this festive season and surprise your friends and family with something a bit different ? Home-made or thoughtful gifts go a long mile to showing your nearest and dearest that you have put some thought into this season . Let your gift stand out by choosing an idea below :
} a gift voucher for a cooking course or cooking lessons for someone who either loves spending time in the kitchen or a family who may benefit from lessons ;
} home-made spiced roasted nuts or granola ; } a gift pack of infused olive oils to use for all different occasions ; } homemade cookies or short bread in a personalised tin ;
} a hamper of their favourite foods from a wholefood store and personalise with a matching recipe ;
} a hamper of mini quiches and muffins to give a family a break from cooking over the festive season whilst providing healthy options to eat well ;
} some cooking inspiration from their favourite chef , in the form of a cookbook or autobiography ;
} a foodie magazine subscription – another gift that will keep giving all year round ;
} a meal kit delivery or restaurant voucher ;
} these mini bliss ball ‘ puddings ’ recipe ( if you ’ re up for some creative foodie gifting )!


Packed full of carrots and topped with a luscious labneh yoghurt icing , this cake is a nourishing treat . Gluten-free and low fodmap , it ’ s one the whole family will enjoy .
Balls } 1 cup pitted dates } 2 tbsp cacao powder } 4 tbsp nut butter of choice } 1½ cups raw almonds } 3 tbsp rice malt syrup } Icing } Greek yoghurt ( full fat ) } Vanilla essence } Stevia sweetener
1 . Into a food processor or blender , add the nut butter , cocoa powder and dates . Blend until all combined .
2 . Then add the almonds and rice malt syrup . Blend until combined .
3 . Empty contents out into a bowl and finalise mixing with hands .
4 . If your mixture is too dry , add additional rice malt syrup . The mixture should roll easily into bliss balls .
5 . Roll the balls into desired size and prepare for icing .
Icing 1 . Strain yoghurt overnight .
2 . Beat strained yoghurt , vanilla and stevia until the frosting thickens .
3 . Refrigerate frosting while you are making bliss balls to help thicken mixture .
4 . Put in piping bag and frost over bliss balls .
5 . Top with three finely chopped cranberries to provide a ‘ pudding ’ look on each bliss ball
6 . Enjoy !