YMCA Summer 2021-2022 Healthy Living Magazine | Page 10

LAUREN DE NITTIS Lauren De Nittis is a Myotherapist , Clinical Pilates Instructor and a mum to two active little boys . Follow Lauren on Instagram @ pilatesinthepark _ withlauren or find out more at www . osteo . net . au


Clinical Pilates Instructor Lauren De Nittis is a big fan of exercising outdoors , and shares with us some of her insights and tips .
After spending so much time in 2020-21 with pools , gyms , Pilates and yoga studios closed ( not to mention team sports cancelled ) – we ’ ve all had to find other ways to maintain our physical activity and a lot of those have involved being outside !
Now that the summer weather is well and truly with us , let ’ s explore some ideas and benefits of taking exercise outside . Exercising outdoors can be great for everything from your fitness and mood , right through to sleep patterns , as well as offering new places to explore .
Better together
A great way to get started and maintain being physically active is to hold yourself accountable . This can be as simple as getting together with a friend or neighbour and going for an evening walk . Maybe you ’ ve been wanting to try a Pilates or yoga class . There are lots of outdoor options popping up – many welcome kids and even fur babies .
Want to get back in to team sports but don ’ t have the flexibility to attend all the training and games ? Get a chat going with a group of friends and organise your own team games . It can be as social or competitive as you like ! The main goal here is to make plans and lock them in . While it can be much easier to cancel on yourself , often the thought of cancelling on a friend last minute is enough to keep you on track , stay committed and reach your goals .