YMCA Healthy Living Magazine YMCA summer 2020-21 - Page 10

JANELLE FALKINGHAM Janelle is the Aquatics Project Manager for YMCA Victoria . For the last 17 years , Janelle has led the way in Swimming and Water Safety Education . Janelle has an extensive background in swim school management and program development throughout her 25-year career , and she works closely with aquatic industry partners in Victoria around drowning prevention initiatives and advocacy .


Tips to remain safe in and around water this summer .
Summer is well and truly here and families all over Australia are looking forward to enjoying the sunshine , warm weather and having the chance to visit pools , beaches and rivers for some much-needed cool relief and relaxation .
Each year in the lead up to summer we are exposed to important water safety messages on billboards driving to the coast , through radio advertisements and social media posts . They remind us to supervise our children around water at all times , to swim at a patrolled beach between the flags and to understand our own and our children ’ s swimming ability .
This year , these messages are even more important than ever .
The events of 2020 have meant that many Australians have had limited exposure to water throughout the year , and children across the country have missed out on months of swimming and water safety education .
If you haven ’ t had the chance to visit the pool and revise your skills or re-enrol yourself or your children back into lessons , here are some tips to ensure that your family and friends can enjoy a relaxing summer , safely :
} Swimming fitness declines just as any other cardiovascular fitness does . If you are a regular swimmer , whether it is in the pool or the bay , pace yourself . You may not be able to swim your usual 2km immediately . Be kind to yourself and your body , and work your way back over a few sessions .
} Supervision is key . Avoid the phone and save the fun Instagram posts for when you return home . Even competent young swimmers need constant supervision in and around water .
} Keep in mind that your children ’ s skills may have decreased this year . Small steps such as staying in the