YMCA Healthy Living Magazine winter 2021 | Page 4

MARNIE NITSCHKE Marnie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who specialises in gastrointestinal nutrition . Find out more at forkthatnutrition . com and follow her on Instagram @ forkthatnutrition .


Marnie explores the fresh produce you can enjoy .
Winter is here again , bringing with it new seasonal fruits and vegetables and new mealtime inspiration . This edition , we bring you some lovely breakfast recipes for warming up on those frosty mornings such as spiced banana pancakes and turmeric pear porridge . You ’ ll also want to check out our winter warmer dinners , including a veggie-rich chili con carne , green chicken curry and a simple , comforting paella .
No matter who you are or where you live in Victoria , there ’ s little doubt you spent more time at home last winter , as we all weathered the shock of COVID lockdowns . Although it was undoubtedly tough , for many people , the time at home last winter meant spending more time in the kitchen and learning a few new skills . I know I baked my first apple pie from scratch and was the lucky recipient of more than one delicious loaf from friends who jumped onto the sourdough bandwagon .
Food can be incredibly comforting and can bring us together as families and communities ( even when those communities need to go virtual for a spell ). The cooking skills you picked up and the new recipes you may have tried last winter will be with you for years to come . Experimenting in the kitchen is also a great way to connect with kids and break up the screen time when getting outdoors isn ’ t an option . When thinking about delicious winter food ideas this year , a nice place to start is by taking inspiration from the seasons .
Check out what ’ s in season by visiting your local fruit and vegetable shop or market and chatting to the staff . You ’ ll find that fruit and vegetables that are in season will be more affordable , last longer and taste even better . This is because seasonal produce will mostly come from local sources so it won ’ t have travelled as far , or been sitting in storage for months . Involve the kids in the shopping and meal planning , so they too can learn about seasonality . It may just inspire them to try something new .
Let ’ s look at what ’ s in season in Victoria this winter :
Fruits :
Apples , bananas , grapefruit , kiwi , lemons , limes , mandarins , oranges , pears , persimmon , pineapple , quince , rhubarb , tamarillo and tangelo .
Vegetables :
Avocado , beetroot , broad beans , broccoli , broccolini , Brussel sprouts , cabbage , capsicum , carrots , cauliflower , celery , celeriac , Jerusalem artichokes , kale , lettuce , onions , parsley , parsnips , potato , pumpkin , snow peas , silverbeet , spinach , spring onion , sweet potato and turnips .
Look out for these recipes using seasonal produce in this edition : Turmeric pear porridge ; and spiced banana pancakes
Chili con carne with extra veggies , and green chicken curry
Pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni ; and Spanish paella