YMCA Healthy Living Magazine Spring 2020 - Page 8

CHARLOTTE MILLER As a chef and dietitian at We Feed You , Charlotte has created a range of ready meals , which caters for a variety of dietary needs . Meals can be ordered online and delivered to many parts of VIC , NSW , ACT and QLD . Learn more www . wefeedyou . com . au


Chef and dietitian , Charlotte Miller shares her top tips for menu planning .
Meal planning can be hugely beneficial to your health , add variety to your diet , help keep your budget in check , save time and minimise food waste .
So why aren ’ t we doing it ?
Let ’ s face it , we all struggle and thrive at different times of the day . Some of us are morning people and bound out of bed with enviable enthusiasm , while others are full of energy at 5pm – just in time to play with the kids . Meal time is no different , and recognising when you ’ re fuelling yourself well and where you ’ re slipping , can make a big difference to your long-term health .
Reflecting on your average week and writing down what ’ s working well and where you can improve is a great way to get started . For example :
} Do you , like so many others , struggle to get a healthy dinner on the table , night after night , whilst juggling work and / or family priorities ?
} Do you skip breakfast because you ’ re racing out the door or jumping onto your first Zoom meeting ?
} Is lunch rarely a priority , yet you consistently snack in the afternoon and ruin your appetite for a healthy dinner ?
When any of these become habits , it can lead to a loss in nutrients , and is exactly where menu planning can have a valuable role in your weekly schedule .
Getting started
Set aside time in your week to menu plan . Start by writing down the main ingredients you already have in your fridge , freezer and pantry . Think about how you are feeling , the weather forecast and what your schedule looks like for the week ahead . Which days do you have more time to prep , and which nights really need a simple heat and eat ?
Start to plan the menu for the week ahead . Add some family