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NICKIE HURSTHOUSE, APD Nickie is a registered dietitian, born in New Zealand and currently living and working in London, UK. Wherever Nickie’s travels take her it is always about the food, the culture and the people. Good nutrition, simple yet delicious meals and cooking with friends and family are what Nickie believes integral to leading a healthy life. EATING WELL ON HOLIDAY A dietitian’s top tips for feeling your best and keeping well on holidays. olidays are a time for relaxation, exploring, no routine and indulgence. It’s a shakeup to routine, and we return relaxed and refreshed. But how often have you come back from your time away pledging to kickstart a healthier routine? Instead, look to maintain some of your everyday healthy habits whilst you are away on holiday. H Start the day right:  Breakfast could fall at 7am or midday, but you’re on holiday so it doesn’t really matter. Or does it? Your breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Kickstart the day with a high-fibre meal like whole grain toast, oats or muesli, include a portion of fruit, and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water.  Explore the local markets:  Every country has so much to offer when it comes to celebrating their food culture. The diversity we see around the world when looking through local markets is mindblowing. Spend some time looking for fresh produce like local fruits or nuts to keep on hand as healthy snacks whilst you are out exploring. Keep an eye on portion sizes:  Routine can creep away from us - one of the perks of a relaxing holiday; but it can also be one of the downsides when it comes to food. Meals can fall 18 YMCA HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE SPRING 2019 at different times, breakfast can merge into lunch and lunch into cocktails, and cocktails into dinner. When this happens we can start to lose the cues of when we are hungry and when we are full. Looking at how much we are eating throughout the day can also be difficult. Moderating portion sizes takes just a little effort each time you dine out. Look to split your plate to have half of it vegetables and salad, just as you would aim for at home. Avoid that extra side of chips and ask for the bread bowl to be put to the side after your meal arrives.  Find accommodation that has some form of kitchen: Having access to a fridge, a stovetop or even just a kettle, opens up a plethora of opportunities to eat well – while also helping out the budget. Picking up some local ingredients at the market or supermarket and putting them together for a simple meal at home can be a nice change from eating out every meal. All things in moderation: Unless you are travelling long term, your holiday is going to be a short, temporary, break from your normal life. Despite the lack of routine and other aspects that can lead you off track, it’s important to remember that staying healthy can be as simple as keeping food and