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YOU TOLD US: "I’d love to see an article on the fruit and vegetables that are in season and their health benefits." GLORIA CABRERA, APD Gloria is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who loves food, nutrition, cooking, fitness, helping others benefit their health and learning. Gloria works in private practice seeing clients for weight loss, pre and post weight loss surgery, and chronic health conditions. Read more about Gloria at www.n4foodandhealth.com What’s this Nutrition expert, Gloria Cabrera n countries like Australia we are fortunate to have access to all sorts of produce all year round. In fact, even fruit and vegetables that aren’t in season are often available just as much as in-season produce! So it’s often difficult to know which is the seasonal produce. But why eat seasonally anyway? I Why eat seasonally? While we have the ability to access most produce anytime we want, there are many benefits to eating seasonally. In-season produce are often: • Cheaper: When in-season, there is a greater abundance, so prices go down. Seasonal food is also cheaper to produce (ideal weather patterns and temperature) – so less costs to produce equals less costs to the consumer. Produce that isn’t in-season often requires additional storage and transportation, which increases the price. • Fresher: Seasonal produce, especially if you buy it from your local area or farmer, tends to be fresher due to recent harvesting as well as less travel and storage time. • Tastier: Seasonal produce is often allowed to ripen before harvesting which 4 YMCA HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE SPRING 2014 “