YMCA Healthy Living Magazine, powered by n4 food and health (Spring 2014) - Page 13

YOU TOLD US: “I love the healthy snack recipes. Please give us more!” Peanut and jam balls Method 1 Preheat your oven to 170°C. Lightly toast your peanuts in a pan in the oven for around four minutes. Set aside to cool but keep the oven on. Once cool, pulse them in a hand blender or food processor until it starts to resemble a flour consistency – be careful not to overblend; some small lumps are still desirable and you don’t want it to become a paste. Makes Seven balls. To make more, simply double the recipe. 2 In a mixing bowl, combine the peanut flour with the tahini, maple syrup, salt and chia seeds. Mix well to distribute the chia seeds. The mixture shouldn’t be too sticky and should come together easily. Add a little water or some more tahini if the mixture is too dry. 3 Moisten your hands and grab a portion of the mixture (remembering that you should get approximately seven balls out of the mixture). Add half a teaspoon of jam and mix it with your hands, squishing and shaping it into a ball as you go – you want the jam to be distributed in a haphazard way rather than spread too thin. 4 Place the ball onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and repeat with the remaining mixture. Bake your balls in the oven for four to six minutes until slightly golden on top and not too brown on the bottom – check them at three minutes if your oven is particularly efficient. 5 Once cooked, let the balls cool completely on a wire rack before consumption. Serve and enjoy. Ingredients ½ cup peanuts (unsalted and shelled) 2 tablespoons tahini, unhulled (some tahini is rather thick, you want a runny tahini for this recipe) 1½ teaspoons pure maple syrup Pinch of salt ½ tablespoon chia seeds 3½ teaspoons jam (use a rich, good quality jam for best results. I love using Bonne Maman raspberry jam) SPRING 2014 YMCA HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE 13