YFU Handbooks - Page 8

••All Americans are rich and I will live with a rich family. The myth that “all Americans are rich” is believed in many parts of the world. Students may have this idea and be surprised and unprepared to live with an average American family. This expectation that all Americans are rich may also lead to some misconceptions about spending money. Many of the students come from upper-middle-class families and are used to more than modest living. It is very common in some countries to have domestic employees do the cleaning, washing, gardening, etc. Hiring someone from outside the family to do these tasks is a common way of employing workers in many countries. What an American family might pay for someone to come one day a week to clean the house could pay for a full-time, live-in maid in another country. ••I will travel and see all of the USA. Some students may think of their trip to the USA as a vacation or opportunity to travel. They sometimes do not think of the experience as becoming a member of a f