YFU Handbooks - Page 37

It may be difficult for the host family and student to discuss the things that are bothering the student. Student criticisms of American habits, for example, are sometimes difficult to accept. Trained to work with exchange students, the Campus Coordinator is prepared to assist. Students may be able to see more clearly why certain things upset them if they can understand that they need to see them from a different “cultural point of view.” “Equally logical but different” is a phrase that helps one look at ways of doing things in another culture. How can someone overcome culture shock? It may help the student overcome depression or feelings of isolation if s/he sets up specific goals and activities. Here are some things that students can do to progress out of culture shock: ••set small goals for each day (take a trip to a store, ••learn ten new words, talk to one student at college, use public transportation); ••stay in touch with home while continuing to learn new things; ••take part in events and activities; and ••practice strategic withdrawal (spend small amounts of time with people of your home culture who can offer insight and tips on success in the host culture). Each successful encounter should give the student more confidence that s/he can get along in our society. The student should develop an attitude that can help him or her learn