YFU Handbooks - Page 34

••sports equipment; ••hobby materials/musical instruments; ••a few books in the native language; ••a book about the country or recent magazines to share with family and friends. students are responsible for the cost of meals eaten outside the host family home. An individual student’s appetite and choice of restaurants (sandwich shops, fast food, formal dining, etc.) will determine how much money any given student should budget to meet this expense. The things brought by the students are to help share some important parts of their life with North American family and friends; they are not intended to significantly distract from life in the US. Bank accounts. It is advisable to open a bank account (checking and/or savings) in the US. A W-8 form is needed, and the student can obtain one from the bank. Having an account in the US will help students if there is ever a need to transfer money from the home country.