YFU Handbooks - Page 3

Overview Community College Program: Purpose The YFU Community College Program provides students with the educational experience of participating in a family, community college, and local community to gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives, increase their sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities, and develop a deepened awareness of shared human values and interests. Community College Program: Background and Scope Responding to the needs of international students and recognizing the enthusiasm of community colleges for international students, YFU placed its first group of exchange students at U.S. community colleges in August 1991. International students who have completed secondary school studies and meet comprehensive admission criteria are eligible. Students admitted to the one-year program Academic or English Language Program, the two-year Degree Program, or the semester-length Academic or ESL program enroll as full-time students at carefully selected YFU partner community colleges. YFU community college students may choose to live during the first academic year with volunteer host families and participate fully in college and community life. Students in the Degree Program live independently in apartments the second year. Students in their first year may opt to live in a college dormitory with a roommate. These students are hosted by mentor families for holidays and weekends. This option is reserved for students 18 and over. On average, groups of students are placed at a given college. Several countries are represented in each group. YFU partner organizations recruit, screen, and prepare students f ܈H