YFU Handbooks - Page 28

in their host community; students are not permitted to stay with their host families after the Program Completion Date. NO exceptions to this policy will be permitted unless the host family formally asks the Campus Coordinator for an exception. When recruited to host by the Campus Coordinators, families are asked to make a commitment to host until the Program Completion Date. YFU college students must respect their host families’ expectations that the hosting experience (and all the obligations associated with hosting) ends on the Program Completion Date; 2. to travel to other regions of the United States at their own expense. Students who do not complete their academic program with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, or those that have been placed on probation for any reason, may not be granted an independent, post-program travel option. Students who do not complete their academic program with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, or those that have been placed on probation for any reason, may not be granted an independent, post-program travel option. Departure travel arrangements. CCP students are able to choose their return date (or a range of days for the return date). The return date must be after the last day of exams at the student’s college and before their visa expiration (For F-1 visa students, 60 days after the last day of classes at the student’s college). Students must depart from the airport at which they arrived at the beginning of their program. If students wish to depart from an alternative airport, they will be charged a change fee. YFU Travel will arrange each student’s flight from the US to their home country according to the information provided on the Return Travel Request Form that will be given to each student by their Campus Coordinator. YFU USA will set a required date for the completed form to be returned to YFU USA. If the form is not returned to YFU USA by the required date, YFU Travel will select a date and schedule return travel arrangements by the end of program date. Once the form is submitted to YFU USA, the requested return date will be final. Any changes will be subject to a prepaid airline cancellation fee of $300.00 or more. It is imperative that students consider all responsibilities that await them upon their arrival home. Commitments to jobs, military service, families or other pressing obligations must be considered carefully before the student selects a preferred date to travel home. It is the responsibility of the Campus Coordinator to reiterate these facts to students as they complete their Return Travel Request Forms. 28 - CCP HANDBOOK Visits from Natural Parents and Home Country Friends Natural families, relatives and home country friends should not visit the exchange student, especially during the initial adjustment period. Such interruptions break the continuity of the student’s relationship with the host family and may diminish the exchange experience. This sometimes leads to adjustment difficulties so serious that YFU may have to consider early return of the student. Host families and community college staff report that visits from natural families and others often are inconvenient and disruptive to their lives as well as to the exchange experience. Please remember that the college program places an average of 5–12 students at each community college. Since YFU students must attend classes regularly, natural families and others insisting on visits usually schedule them at the same breaks—often during the holiday seasons—in the academic year. The Campus Coordinators and host families are committed to the exchange students’ experience; they are not obliged to entertain visitors. Anyone considering such visits must contact YFU in their home country before any arrangements are made. Host families must contact their Campus Coordinator if and when they learn that natural parents or home country friends plan to visit. If natural family members, relatives or home country friends insist on visiting during the independent, post-program travel option, YFU will not change students’ return travel itineraries to accommodate the schedules of such visitors. NO exceptions to the departure deadline (to be established) will be permitted. Natural families, relatives, and home country friends who choose to visit even though YFU strongly discourages such visits should not expect host families or Campus Coordinators to provide or arrange lodging and meals for them. Visitors are not permitted to stay in the host family’s home unless the host family f