YFU Handbooks - Page 27

The YFU National Organization in the student’s home country will give students YFU luggage tags. Students’ names and the host families’ addresses should be written on the tags. Also write the addresses inside the luggage. Students should not leave luggage unattended while traveling. This is an important security matter. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Students should be reminded that entering and traveling within the US can be more complicated than in other countries. Students should be aware of TSA regulations and pack accordingly. Students should also expect to have their luggage and their person subject to metal detectors and/or screening machines. Although these processes may seem invasive, remember that they are for collective security and patience should be practiced. Travel during the academic year. YFU college students under eighteen (18) must provide Campus Coordinators with their natural parents’ written permission before undertaking any travel on their own. As young adults, YFU college students over eighteen (18) and those under eighteen with parental permission may travel while on-program if their travel plans meet the following three criteria: 1. there is no significant interference with college attendance or YFU-related meetings, events, etc.; 2. the student informs the Campus Coordinator in a timely manner of proposed itinerary prior to traveling; and 3. the student discusses travel plans with the host family before travel is undertaken. 4. Information regarding student travel is provided to YFU prior to partaking in travel In addition to these conditions, YFU college students must follow any procedures required by their Campus Coordinator or host family. Failure to comply with YFU and community college travel policies may result in program dismissal. Travel outside the USA. Students are strongly encouraged to limit their travel while on-program to travel within the United States. If YFU college students elect to travel outside the United States, the students assume full responsibility for the appropriate visas for entry into the country to be visited and valid visa status for re-entry into the United States. YFU and the college cannot advise on foreign visa requirements or re-entry visas into the United States. Students are responsible for all travel arrangements, travel documents and expenses. All conditions governing travel during the academic year (described above) remain in effect for travel outside the United States. Students who travel outside the United States, particularly those who choose to visit their home countries or home country friends, may encounter adjustment difficulties when they return to their YFU community college and host family. If adjustment difficulties become serious, YFU may consider early return of the student. Program Completion Date. The exchange program for YFU college students formally ends one week after the last day of scheduled final examinations for the semester or quarter at each college. This date (which will vary from college to college because of different academic calendars) is referred to as the Program Completion Date. Students should check their own community college’s current academic calendar to determine when the last day of exams is scheduled for the semester (or quarter) at their college. Contact the Campus Coordinator with questions about the Program Completion Date. YFU will arrange return travel for students to their home countries on the Program Completion Date. Students should be advised that ac X[\\