YFU Handbooks - Page 25

Off-Program A student who separates him or herself from YFU will be designated off-program. In consultation with the Campus Coordinator, YFU will decide whether a student’s absence from the college, host family, etc. justifies off-program status. In order to avoid being designated off-program, students are advised to follow YFU policy governing class attendance (see above) and to keep their Campus Coordinators informed of travel plans. Students’ travel plans may not interfere with scheduled classes and examinations. Once a student is designated off-program, the separation from YFU is final. YFU has no responsibility, legal or otherwise, to the student and their natural parents or guardians for her further well-being. The off-program student will be given their return YFU airline ticket for departure on the date established by YFU. Students who attempt to make improper changes to their return tickets risk invalidating the tickets. YFU insurance coverage will be canceled effective on the departure date scheduled by YFU. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be notified that the student is no longer on-program. YFU strongly advises students who leave the progr [H