YFU Handbooks - Page 24

of classes at their college. A J-1 visa holder remains in valid status for up to 30 days after the last day of classes. This exact date will vary by college, but will typically be around early to mid-July. Under US immigration laws, YFU cannot grant waivers or visa extensions to students holding J-1 visas. Students attending college on a J-1 visa must return to their home countries within 30 days of program completion in order to comply with their visa’s two-year physical presence requirement. The organization will not participate in the investigation of visa extension or issue a “no objection” statement unless there is demonstrated evidence of a medical or special emergency requiring such an extension.YFU students holding F-1 visas assume responsibility for maintaining valid visa status should they decide to continue their education in the USA after the YFU program ends. YFU will not provide assistance on visa issues to students who elect to stay or return to the United States independently of the YFU Community College Program. Health All YFU students must have a physical examination before coming to the United States. A YFU Health and Dental Certificate is required in the application. Some students are accepted with minor health problems, such as allergies, if their conditions will not prevent them from having worthwhile exchange experiences. YFU will advise each host family of any special medical problem a particular student may have before the family agrees to host the student. Immunizations. The availability of specific immunizations varies around the world. In the US, immunization requirements differ from college to college. If a student arrives without the shots needed to officially enroll or participate in sports activities at the college, s/he must get the shots soon after arrival. The cost of immunizations is the student’s responsibility. Insurance. All YFU college students are insured. Students are covered by medical insurance from the date of their arrival in the United States until June 30th or December 31 (for Spring and Winter departures, respectively). Copies of the basic insurance information, claims sending procedures, and claim forms are sent to each YFU partner, international students, and Campus Coordinators. Host families can obtain this information from the Campus Coordinator. 24 - CCP HANDBOOK The host family and student should read the information carefully. The policy has definite limits and exclusions. Host families are encouraged to help their YFU students to understand clearly what is not reimbursable and, therefore, the student’s liability. The YFU college student, however, is ultimately responsible for filing claims and for all nonreimbursable costs. In filing a claim, the claim form should be completed with all required information. All papers (the original physician and hospital bills, prescription receipts, etc.) should be submitted with the claim. Bills must state diagnosis, treatment, and charges. If the bills have already been paid and reimbursement is being requested, include the receipt. The claim form is mailed to the claims administrator, not to YFU. Keep copies of all claims and related documents. Medical treatment (including emergencies). Before a student arrives in the USA, YFU obtains written permission from the young adult student (co-signature by natural parents) to get emergency medical attention if it is needed (Health and Dental Certificate). YFU, the community college, its representatives, and host families are not responsible for a student’s medical bills, no matter who signs a hospital admission form, or for any negative results of emergency treatment. For more details, host families and students should refer to the current insurance policy regarding emergency medical attention and coverage. Legal Status A YFU community college student is subject to the national and local laws of the United States of America. Neither YFU nor a student’s embassy or consulate can arrange free legal advice, provide bail, or get him or her out of jail. Marriage Married students are not permitted on the YFU program. If a YFU student marries while on-program or is discovered to have married before becoming a YFU participant, the student will be immediately dismissed from the program. YFU will establish departure dates and specific travel itineraries for students found to be married. Natural Disasters In the event of any natural disaster emergency, students should call his or her natural parents as soon as possible to relieve concerns about safety or to notify them of any arrangements to provide emergency services to students. YFU also asks the host family and student to contact the Campus Coordinator as soon as possible to report their status.