YFU Handbooks - Page 22

along rumors, unkind jokes or stories about someone on social networking sites is called cyber-bullying. Students and host families should limit comments about their school, YFU, friends and students to those comments they would feel comfortable sharing in person. Students should be sure to tell a host parent,Campus Coordinator, instructor or YFU staff if they feel they have become the target of cyber-bullying. ••Universities and employers are looking at Facebook pages more frequently. Please keep in mind that all information and pictures that students post publicly may be reviewed as part of a school or job application process. ••YFU staff and representatives will be reviewing student Facebook pages. Any information contained in public Facebook pages or posted about students by others that involves a violation of host family policies or YFU rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including being sent home. ••Don’t friend anyone you don’t know personally. Host families and students should know that it’s not rude to ignore friend requests from strangers. Ask your Campus Coordinator if you’re unsure how to proceed. Dangerous Activities Some activities are considered too dangerous for YFU students and are not permitted. If a student participates in a prohibited activity, YFU will consider the particular circumstances and either place the student on probation or dismiss the student from the program. YFU community college students are NOT permitted to drive or ride as the operator of the following vehicles: ••All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) ••Go-Cart ••Jet Ski ••Motorcycle ••Trail Bike (Motorcross) ••Moped ••Snowmobile ••Waverunner Students are permitted to ride as passengers on the above vehicles provided they follow all local laws and practice reasonable safety precautions (only ride as passengers where it is legal, wear helmets, etc.). YFU college students are NOT permitted to participate in dangerous activities, such as: ••Bungee jumping ••Hang gliding ••Parachute jumping ••Parasailing ••Piloting a private plane ••Mountaineering Youth For Understanding reserves the right to withhold authorization for any other activity if it is deemed hazardous and unacceptable for the student to participate. Driving Students should be aware that the majority of Americans use their own automobile for transportation. While public transportation is sometimes available, it is often not as easily accessible or convenient as it is in other countries. Some YFU college students find purchasing a car to be a good investment, others view finding transportation as a way to meet and make American friends. If a YFU college student chooses to operate an automobile at his or her own discretion, YFU has no liability for possible damages or claims resulting from the student’s use of such a vehicle. To own and drive an automobile in the United States, you are required to have, at a minimum, the following: ••A valid driver’s license—each state has different regulations. Some states do not accept an International Driver’s License or a license from another country. Most states require each licensed applicant to pass both a written test on roadway rules and an actual road test where an [