YFU Handbooks - Page 18

Attendance. Students will attend classes and laboratories on a regular basis. Chronic non-attendance is defined as missing more than three (3) class sessions of any one course during one semester or quarter. This definition applies to students participating in the Degree Program, Certificate Program, or Academic Semester Program. YFU will dismiss students from the YFU program as a result of chronic non-attendance. In the case of the intensive English Language Program, chronic non-attendance is defined as missing more than ten (10) hours of English language instruction during the semester. YFU will dismiss English Language Program students from the YFU program as a result of chronic nonattendance. Should a student need to miss classes for an extended period of time due to medical or other reasons, the instructors and the Campus Coordinator should be notified in advance (if possible). Students are responsible for arranging a schedule with their professors to make up missed assignments. In the case of medical issues, the Campus Coordinator may require the student to obtain a doctor’s written statement for extensive absences. In addition to YFU attendance requirements, maintaining a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester or quarter is a requirement of your student visa. Any student who falls below 12 credit hours will risk termination of his/her student visa status, as mandated by US immigration law, and will face immediate early return. At US community colleges, professors have the option of dropping students from their classes for non-attendance. Therefore, chronic nonattendance can jeopardize a YFU student’s visa status, if the dropped course(s) causes a student’s course load to fall below the minimum 12 hours. US Immigration places strict requirements on colleges and universities who issue I-20 forms to students. Colleges must abide by the regulations or risk the loss of their ability to issue I-20 forms for future international students. Therefore, when students violate student visa regulations, they will likely face immediate early return to their home country. Academic Misconduct. YFU CCP students should become familiar with their college’s rules of academic misconduct. As academic misconduct and the resulting consequences vary by institution, students should check with their Campus Coordinator if they have any questions. Course Selection. 18 - CCP HANDBOOK Students selected to participate in the Community College Program must take responsibility for their own education Students will work with their Campus Coordinator (and college academic advisors) to select and register for classes. Course schedules that list courses offered during a particular semester or quarter are available from the Campus Coordinator and on the college’s website. Not all courses listed are offered during each semester or quarter, be sure to check the current term’s course listing for details. YFU will only pay for students to take maximum 16 credits. Each student will establish goals for the duration of the exchange experience with the Campus Coordinator’s help. Students who wish to make changes must secure approval from their Campus Coordinator. Online Courses. Students may enroll in one online course per semester/ quarter, with a maximum of two courses per academic year. Degree-seeking students who need specific online courses in order to complete their degree requirements may request special permission from YFU on a case-by-case basis. Degree Program. Students who pursue an Associate Degree in the twoyear Degree Program will design an academic program which satisfies college requirements for the degree intended. Students accept responsibility to schedule and successfully complete courses, as well as any required labs or internships during the four semesters (or six quarters) of full-time study provided. [Note: Strong English language skills and a superior academic record are admission requirements of the twoyear Degree Program. If placement examinations reveal that a Degree Program student lacks the language skills and/or academic preparation to take courses required for the degree intended beginning with the first semester (or quarter), YFU reserves the right to designate such a student as a Certificate Program student. In su