YFU Handbooks - Page 17

Policies and Procedures YFU maintains policies and procedures to ensure fairness to the majority of students, consistency of standards, and program integrity. After carefully reading this chapter, host families and students can discuss issues of concern with each other and approach the Campus Coordinator for clarification. Homestay Expectations Students are reminded that they made a commitment to living with a host family. The homestay component of the YFU Community College Program immerses students in US culture. This immersion is true membership in the life of a host culture. If a student is absent from the host family’s home on a regular basis or behaves in a way which minimizes the host family’s participation in the exchange experience, YFU will either place the student on probation or dismiss the student from the YFU program. Most YFU college students will live with host families for the duration of their exchange experience (except for the summer months – no host family accommodations are provided over the summer months when school is not in session). After one academic year with host families, however, students in the Degree Program will live independently in apartments at their own expense during the second year. Students are strongly encourages to live in the dorm or independent housing during their second year as this is very much the norm for American college students. Academic Standards YFU academic standard policies give students the freedom to pursue the field of their choice and maintain the academic rigor of the YFU Community College Program. Students have the opportunity to pursue a meaningful and challenging educational experience and are expected to contribute to the academic atmosphere of their institutions. YFU Academic Standards require students to maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 and attend all classes on a regular basis. YFU expects that students will adhere to the academic standards set forth by the college. YFU Academic Standards extend beyond objectively measured grade point averages and class attendance. A student who chronically fails to complete assignments, or who disrupts class, or who refuses to act in a courteous and respectful manner toward fellow students, faculty, and staff will be subject to YFU probation or dismissal from the program. If students are struggling to perform academically, they are encouraged to speak with their Coordinators to find out what is causing the