YFU Handbooks - Page 16

talk shows. Some educational programs that teach English to young people such as Sesame Street may be helpful for students just beginning to learn the language. 4. Keep a list of expressions and words that are new and useful and try to use them in conversation. 5. Take advantage of college resources; join clubs and groups for special interests. The Campus Coordinator can direct you to tutoring services or language laboratories. ••Show concern for personal appearance and grooming. Although your wardrobe may be limited by airline baggage allowances, you should dress properly for most occasions. Dress appropriately both in terms of the occasion and what your friends are wearing. Personal habits differ from country to country. How people bathe or shower, and how often, varies from culture to culture. Generally Americans are concerned about cleanliness and body odor. It is customary in the USA to shower or bathe daily and change into clean underclothes. Both men and women use underarm deodorant. Women generally shave underarms and legs. ••Assume your share of household responsibilities. All members of the family usually share jobs around the house. You can shovel snow, help with meals, babysit, cut grass and do chores other family members do. Discuss household responsibilities and chores with your family. You are expected to do your share when living with a family. ••Do not overuse the telephone. You must pay your own telephone bills, and always ask permission before using the telephone to make long-distance calls. YFU discourages frequent calls home, or to relatives or friends in other parts of the USA. It is recommended that students call or video-chat (for example, Skype) with their family at home about once per week at maximum. Calling home too frequently can cause homesickness and will slow the adjustment process. ••Limit Internet and computer use. Most families have only one computer which is shared by all family members. Host parents may use the home computer for work and children may need it for homework assignments. Many families in the United States subscribe a limited internet plan, and will have to pay an extra fee if they go over their allotted amount of data. Discuss computer usage expectations and 16 - CCP HANDBOOK schedules with your host family. Students should respect and adhere to the family’s schedule. If more computer time is needed, use the computer labs located on the community college campuses. ••Respect nonsmokers’ rights. If smoking is not allowed in the home and you are a smoker, discuss this with your host family. Depending upon the host family attitude and lifestyle, you may be asked to smoke only outside the home. Restaurants, stores, and many public places also do not allow smoking. Many colleges nationwide are also banning smoking on campus. Smoke-free environments are the norm in the USA. Students must follow all college rules and regulations regarding smoking.