YFU Handbooks - Page 14

links for children. Do a search under Embassy of (insert country name). 2. The CIA World Factbook and the US Department of State’s Background Notes both provide detailed demographic and political information. 3. Library of Congress Country Studies examine how cultural factors shape political, economic and social institutions in a number of countries. Though the information is not updated annually, the discussion of cultural factors is still relevant. ••Meet resource people in the community. The community college Campus Coordinator may be able to help families locate some resource people in the community who are willing to discuss their experiences as exchange participants. Such individuals may include current international exchange students, former American exchange students, and current or former host families. ••Read a book on American culture. The family should become aware of who they are. As a product of their own culture, it is helpful to learn about what makes Americans different from other people. Some values that make Americans different that we often take for granted are: punctuality, hard work, success, achievement, competition, material goods, openness, honesty, frankness, volunteer spirit, helping others, fast-pace of life, and informality. The student, on the other hand, \