YFU Handbooks - Page 11

Educational Support During the Exchange The Campus Coordinator will provide ongoing support and will direct structured orientation programs through-out the year. In addition to the ongoing support and programs described below, participants can also refer to the section Welcome to the USA, page 35, which touches on arrival activities at the college as well as initial adjustment issues and culture shock. Support Services The YFU Campus Coordinator serves as the principal support person for exchange participants. Students and host families should request the help of their Campus Coordinator when they have a problem or issue. Using college and community resources, the Coordinator will provide orientation and ongoing support for both host families and students. Moreover, the Coordinator will offer academic advice to students and help them integrate into campus and community life. Coordinators meet with students on a monthly basis to discuss any troubles the student may be experiencing or to just check in and see if there are any questions. Students are encouraged to confide in their Coordinator with any difficulties they are having in class or i