YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 9

Building a Healthy and Inclusive Society Policy Reader Children’s Mental Health Screenings and Telehealth Pilot Introduced by Nebraska Senator Amanda McGill Target Level of Office: State Summary: This legislation instructs all primary care physicians to offer mental health screenings during childhood physicals. The bill also streamlines telehealth services so those in rural areas have better access to children’s mental health services. And finally, the bill creates a pilot program to integrate mental health services into primary care doctors’ offices. Three locations will be selected to fully integrate specialists and telehealth to create a convenient, less intimidating way to treat mental illness. Link to More Information: Comprehensive Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Target Level of Office: State Summary: This legislation comprehensively reforming gun laws in the state of Connecticut is the most in-depth reform in United States history. The new laws require the creation of a dangerous weapons offender database and universal background checks for all firearms at points of sale, nearly doubles the number of banned assault weapons, bans the sale of magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds, requires a state certificate of eligibility to purchase a firearm or ammunition, and expands the penalties for improper storage and trafficking. Link to More Information: 2013 7