YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 8

Policy Reader Building a Healthy and Inclusive Society 2013 Breakfast After the Bell Nutrition Program Sponsored by Colorado Representative Dominick Moreno Target Level of Office: State and School Board Summary: Breakfast After the Bell Nutrition Program requires that all Colorado schools in which 70 percent or more of students qualify for free or reducedprice lunch implement “breakfast after the bell,” in which breakfast can be served in a variety of methods (breakfast in the classroom, grab and go, etc.) but must be served after the first bell of the school day. Schools that have implemented this program have seen participation increase 60 percent, since many students are unable or unwilling to get to school early to eat breakfast due to stigma of qualifying for free or reduced-price meals. Link to More Information: Community Food Systems Submitted by Binghamton Councilwoman Lea Webb Target Level of Office: Local Summary: This ordinance supports community food systems in the City of Binghamton. It covers several areas including community gardens, market gardens (or urban farms), farmers’ markets, composting, and bee keeping. Link to More Information: Inclusive Health Coverage Programs Target Level of Office: State Summary: Several states have included im migrants and their children in state-funded health coverage programs. These essential programs provide immigrants with access to affordable healthy food options and health coverage that is essential to their well-being. Twenty-two states provide these sorts of benefits for documented immigrants who are ineligible for Medicaid or SCHIP services because they are barred by federal laws from receiving benefits until five years after immigrating. California’s program allows for the children of undocumented immigrants in SCHIP coverage. Link to More Information: 6