YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 3

The Young Elected Officials Network, a program of People For the American Way Foundation, works to unite and support progressive elected leaders. By providing this support to young leaders, the YEO Network seeks to connect the progressive movement at the federal, state, and local levels across the country to produce an enduring pipeline of talented and dedicated national leaders. This year the Network brought together YEOs from around the country to discuss five core issue areas determined by the annual membership survey. For 2013 these broad issue topics were: Building a Healthy and Inclusive Society Defending Workers and Families Empowering and Educating Communities Ensuring a Sustainable Future Expanding Democracy The Policy Councils, with the help of leading policy experts, discussed the most pressing concerns and challenges to their communities and the nation and decided upon a core set of policy goals. These goals, defined by YEOs, are the basis for this YEO Policy Reader, which will be the focus of the Network for the year. This Policy Reader is centered on the priorities identified by YEOs, and includes sample policies sponsored by YEOs themselves. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but a condensed and useful resource that reflects shared core values. The YEO Network team is building a broader policy exchange tool on our website, where you will be able to search by a variety of topics. YEOs are innovative and energetic agents of change, and we hold each YEO to the same challenge: to share your innovations with your progressive colleagues throughout the YEO Network. Over this past year, YEOs in their individual official capacities sponsored and passed numerous progressive policies featured in the 2012 Policy Book and shared directly with fellow members. We hope you will use this new reader and the expertise of your fellow YEOs to help bring positive change and progress to your community. Our goal is to be a constant resource for progressive policy tools and best practices that YEOs can use in their respective counties, cities, school boards, and states. Thank you for your commitment to progressive values and to the YEO Network. Yours in service, The YEO Network Policy Team Dawn Huckelbridge Policy Director Conor Hurley Policy Coordinator