YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 19

Ensuring a Sustainable Future Combatting Food Deserts Policy Reader Target Level of Office: State and Local Summary: In response to a study by the Mayor’s Food Policy Task Force, New York City established the Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH) program, the first in the nation using both zoning and financial incentives to promote grocery store development in underserved communities. Link to More Information: 2013 Food Labeling of GMOs Target Level of Office: State and Local Summary: This bill requires food to be labeled as produced entirely or in part from genetic engineering if it is a product offered for retail sale in Vermont, and precludes food entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering from being labeled on the product, in signage, or in advertising as “natural,” “naturally made,” or “naturally grown.” Link to More Information: Requirement for Energy Efficient Retrofits Target Level of Office: State and Local Summary: This act expands the types of projects that may be financed by the Colorado Clean Energy Development A WF&GF6VFRVW&wVff6V7&WG&fG2BFR7FFb&VWv&RVW&wfGW&W2f"&fFR&W6FV6W2B6W&6&W'FW2ƖF&Rf&FGGwwrTWGv&&r#7Ɩ7CWFƗG&WV&VVBf"rFW&6"pF&vWBWfVbff6S7FFRB67V'F2&֖W6F&WV&W2fW7F"vVBWFƗFW2F&fFRBV7BRW&6VB6"VV7G&6G'FRVBbFRV"##RB&WV&W2fW7F"vVBWFƗFW2FfW7B2W&6VBbFV"V&WF6W27V'6FW2f"VvW'2B'W6W76W2F7F66"77FV2ƖF&Rf&FGGwwrTWGv&&r#7Ɩ7Cp