YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 17

Ensuring a Sustainable Future Policy Reader Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements Target Level of Office: State and Local Summary: This legislation in South Carolina allows consumers to finance the cost of improving the efficiency of their homes by accepting an additional “Meter Conservation Charge.” The policy mandates a reasonable financing rate. The energy efficiency construction must be inspected by a certified energy auditor after completion of the work. Link to More Information: 2013 Green Building Codes Target Level of Office: Local Summary: This ordinance in Albuquerque establishes design and building material standards; lists all permitted and conditional uses, including allowing community and market gardening, and farmers’ markets; establishes certain standards and procedures for the downtown core district, including design review and alterations to approved designs; and establishes standards and uses for zoning districts. Link to More Information: Green Improvement Loans Target Level of Office: State and Local Summary: This act directs the Oregon Department of Energy to establish a clean energy deployment program to provide grants and loans to support energy efficiency or clean energy projects, including projects to weatherize, upgrade, or retrofit public schools. Link to More Information: 15