YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 16

Policy Reader Empowering and Educating Communities 2013 Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time Initiative Target Level of Office: State and School Board Summary: Massachusetts passed legislation that significantly increased the amount of learning time traditional public and charter schools are required to include in the standard school year. Traditional public schools are required to add 30 percent more learning time to their school day under this new initiative. Link to More Information: Economic Education Partnership Act Target Level of Office: State Summary: This policy created a comprehensive early childhood education program. The program features a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on students’ personal and academic development. The policy expanded all-day kindergarten programs and provided additional financial and staff resources for early elementary school grades. Link to More Information: Community Learning Centers Target Level of Office: School Board Summary: This policy created Community Learning Centers within the Cincinnati’s public schools that are designed to prov YHXY[ZXܘ[\[XY[X]]Y\[\ܝY[[[][]HY[X\ˈ[[ܙH[ܛX][ێ˖QSә]ܚ˛ܙ̌ LXOOLLBM