YEO Policy Books 2013 Policy Reader - Page 12

Policy Reader Defending Workers and Families 2013 Cambridge Innovation Space Legislation Submitted by Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung Target Level of Office: Local Summary: This Cambridge ordinance allows building height and space codes to be waived or lessened if the permit applicant provides space for innovation and entrepreneurs. Link to More Information: Joint Labor Management Committee Sponsored by Massachusetts Representative Sean Garballey Target Level of Office: State Summary: This legislation creates a joint management committee of appointed members to discuss labor-management issues facing the state. It requires eight of 16 members to come from nominations from the state’s major police, fire, and labor unions. Link to More Information: Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Target Level of Office: State Summary: This legislation in California grants certain rights to domestic workers, whose employers are typically poorly regulated. Included among these are the rights to overtime pay in the same manner as other workers, mandated meals and breaks, workers’ compensation, paid rest days, provisions for uninterrupted sleep, and use of kitchen facilities. Link to More Information: Financial Literacy Curriculum Target Level of Office: State and School Board Summary: This legislation in Massachusetts would include financial literacy as a component of K-12 education. The bill requires the Department of Education to develop a model curriculum for all school districts in the state. Link to More Information: 10