YEO Policy Academies 2013 Retreat Program Book - Page 34

Staff Retreat Staff It takes a great deal of staff to coordinate the curriculum, training, and logistics for the Policy Council Retreat. In addition to the YEO Network team, People For the American Way Foundation staff and dedicated interns work to provide our YEOs with the tools they need to continue their innovative work. We appreciate everyone’s commitment and thank them for their continued support. YEO Network Staff Andrew Gillum YEO Network Executive Director Ryan Hurst YEO Membership Team Dawn Huckelbridge YEO Policy Team Linda Inge Youth Programs Administration Raquel Simon-Petley YEO Communications and Programs Conor Hurley YEO Policy Team Adam LaRose YEO Membership Team PFAW Foundation Staff and Volunteers Diallo Brooks PFAW Foundation Jen Herrick PFAW Foundation David Carr YEO Intern Alisha Morgan YEO Consultant Sean Chinn YEO Intern Calvin Sloan PFAW Foundation Laura Williamson Young People For - 32 - Joel Zedd YEO Fellow