YEO Policy Academies 2013 Retreat Program Book - Page 3

Welcome Welcome to the second YEO Policy Council Retreat, a strategically designed space for YEO Network leaders to dissect our most pressing issues, develop tangible policy goals, and lead the annual legislative agenda of Network members. In an effort to promote our shared progressive principles, we will group our members around the issue areas YEOs have identified as their top priorities for the year, and empower them to drive policy outcomes. We believe that this approach of targeting specific issues will focus our work and strengthen the collective impact that young electeds can have on countering regressive legislation and proactively advancing policy solutions that promote American values of freedom, fairness, and opportunity for all. These Policy Councils, comprised of expert YEOs from all levels of office, are responsible for leading the Network’s policy efforts in each issue area by actively participating in the development, dissemination, and, by working with our 501(c)(4) counterpart Young Elected Officials Action, implementation of a progressive policy agenda. This weekend’s retreat is only the beginning of our work. Over the course of the year, Policy Council members will continue developing a policy agenda, including state, local, and school level policy goals; participate in the presentation of policy priorities and strategies at the YEO National Convening; and assist fellow YEOs in implementing these policies. This retreat is an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best think tanks and policy partners, be exposed to a variety of innovative policy solutions, and effect change not only in individual communities, but across the country. Because of your bold and visionary leadership, we are confident in the impact we can make together. We continue to be inspired by your commitment. Thank you for joining us in this effort. Yours in service, The YEO Network Policy Team -1-