YEO Policy Academies 2013 Retreat Program Book - Page 21

YEOs Wesley Farrow Neighborhood Advisory Councilmember - Los Angeles, California Council: Empowering and Educating Communities Wesley George Farrow graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in economics and psychology in 2005. After a year mostly overseas in the nonprofit sector, Farrow was recruited by Teach For America and moved to Los Angeles to earn a teaching credential and work in secondary special education. After more than half a decade of working full-time in public schools, he transitioned to substitute teaching and took on the role of CEO at Soltura Languages Incorporated. In his home neighborhood of Del Rey, Farrow serves as treasurer of his Neighborhood Council and co-chair of the Education Committee. Farrow is committed to improving education through his work as a contributing founder of NewTLA and as H\Y[X\]HYY[KY[وHܛ [ܛ]\[YܛXK[[H\]ۈ]H[[Y[X\ H[YK]\^H[[[\\[[YX][[][]Y\‚[[H\]ۈ\[] [\HY[X\وH[YH]H[[ [܈\[[[X[ۈ[ K\]ۈ\\Y[وH[YH\ \HHܚY]Y[\[[][]HXY\[[]Hݙ\Y[ [ۜٚ]ܙ[^][ۜ\\H[[[]X[]HYX][ۈ[\[][]K][\K\]ۈܚY܈HXY]ۈ[]]Hو]X[܈]\[[][]Hܙ[^][ۜ[]X[[\ZYۜˈHܘYX]YH\X\H[]\]H]HX[ܸ&\YܙYH[\[\[][X][ۜ[H]\[]\]H]HX\\&\[XXXH[YZ[\][ۋ\]ۈ\\[Hܚ[\H ؙ\YۘX[Z]YHY[X\ H[ X\X\][[^[[[[ܘXBؙ\YۘXܙ]\[[ X\X\]\HH\\\H[Z]YHY[X\H\HYܙYHHSX\[[\\[H[\YY]H\Y\[\و[\HYX[[ YۘX\[Y[H\و[][]Hܙ[^][ۜY]H]Hو[[HY\[XX[^K[Y[H[[X[][X][ۜܜܘ][ۈ\و\Xܜ]Hو[^H ]\H[Z\[ۋ[HSX\[\Y\\X\Y\ܞH\ ZZHK\ۈ]H[[Y[X\ H\ۈ]K[YܛXH[[Y[[ܚ\[[Z[Y\‚ZZH\ۈ\\[XYH\ۈ]H[[[ H[\[XY\H\X^[܈[H[  [ KH\KY[XY[\\^YX\\H\H[[Y[X\X\[HXܙ XXZ[\و\ˈ\ۈ\[Z]Y۝[Z[[[ۜ]H][[XY\\[\\[[H[x&\XKH\HۙXܛ[[H\X\و]X[XXY]K[\ٙ\[ۈ\H[[ۈ\\[]]K\Z[[\XYY\ۈ܈\[\[XYٙX\[\][\\Y\\HXHٙX\\ۈ\[H\\\\X\X܈Z\X[\YHKܝۋHܛY\H\Y\[\XHܙ[^\܈[]YXX\[[\\HY\]]H[]X[\X܈܈RUH[ NKH]X[\X܈]]YH܈\XH܈[]ܜ N RUK[H\[\\\[]]H܈RUH[NKH NH B