YEO Policy Academies 2013 Retreat Program Book - Page 20

YEOs Marisol Cruz School Board Member - Lennox, California Council: Empowering and Educating Communities Marisol Cruz was re-elected to the Lennox School District Board of Trustees in 2009. In that capacity, Cruz is working with her fellow board members to ensure that the children of Lennox receive the best possible public education. The school board is working to support and nurture the academic programs that encourage the development of a whole human being. Cruz believes that it is of vital importance to create an environment of individuals who care about and believe in all of our children. Cruz migrated from San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco, Mexico with her family when she was three months old. Elected in 2008, Henry Davis, Jr. is currently in his second term as a city councilman for the city of South Bend, Indiana. Davis was first elected to office in 2006 as a precinct committee chairman and state delegate. He is a member of the Earlham College Alumni Council, chairman of the South Bend Common Council Community Economic Development Committee, and a council appointee for the South Bend Redevelopment Commission. Councilman Davis successfully worked with the SEIU in 2009 in support of the Affordable Care Act. He has authored and co-sponsored legislation to improve economic development incentives in the high-tech field for nanotechnology, minority and women business enterprises, and improving local labor relations for his community. Henry L. Davis, Jr. City Councilman - South Bend, Indiana Council: Ensuring a Sustainable Future Kristin Dozier is currently serving as the vice chair of the Leon County Commission and is in her first term as Leon County Commissioner for District 5. A former green building advisor for Mad Dog Construction, where she worked for 12 years, Dozier is now focused full-time on county business. She serves on several boards for the County, including the Council on Culture and Arts, the Economic Development Council, and the Leon County Research and Development Authority, where she also serves as chair. Dozier received a master’s degree in religious ethics and philosophy from Florida State University in 2003 and left the Ph.D. program “all but dissertation” in 2006. Her study was focused on comparative religious ethics, Catholic moral theology, and human rights ethics. She taught an undergraduate course at FSU entitled “Religious Ethics and Moral Problems” for three and a half years. Kristin Dozier County Commissioner - Tallahassee, Florida Council: Ensuring a Sustainable Future - 18 -