YEO Policy Academies 2013 Retreat Program Book - Page 19

YEOs Angie Buhl O’Donnell State Senator - Sioux Falls, South Dakota Council: Building a Healthy and Inclusive Society Angie Buhl O’Donnell, 28, is in her second term in the South Dakota Senate, to which she was first elected in 2010. In 2012, she became the first openly LGBT person elected to office in the state. She serves on the Education, Commerce & Energy, Government Operations & Audit, and Interim Rules Review committees, having previously served on the Judiciary committee. Senator Buhl O’Donnell has worked on a range of issues relating to domestic violence, adoption, veterans, fair elections, reproductive health, workplace fairness, early childhood education, and daycare safety. She is active in her community and volunteers serving domestic violence survivors and kids with special needs, as well as through the Junior League of Sioux Falls. Buhl O’Donnell serves on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota. She earned her bachelor’s of science cum laude in psychology and music in 2007 and lives in Sioux Falls with her husband, Jake. Melvin Carter City Councilmember - Saint Paul, Minnesota Council: Empowering and Educating Communities Me [ˈ\\RRH\\[\ HۈHZ[][]H[[ [XY[ \\\\Yۈ[]\]Z]H[[HXY][Y[\ H\Y\Z[]Kܘ\ܛYX][ۈYܛHYHܙX][ۈوHۋ[[Z] U[]\]H[][]H[\Y[[\\ˈ\\\\]Y[]K[K [[][]HXY\\\YۙY\ܝY]X[]HYX][ۈ]Y\܈[[[ۙHYX\Y\]][ H[]X]]H\]\YHZ\HZYܚܘ[۝[YH\ܚۈH\\[H\HZ[][Z\HZYܚ [Y][ۈYXH܈\Y[[\[\\[ۙH[[ܜY܈YZ[[K\\&\\\HX\\Y[[YHܛZ[H]x&\\\Y[و[X[Y \]X[XۛZXܝ[]K\]Z\[[ܙYH[[وH[[ܙX\K[[[H[Hو[HY\]\[HY\ˈ\\HX[ܸ&\YܙYH[\[\YZ[\][ۈHܚYHIH[]\]H[HX\\&\YܙYH[XXXHHHX\ [\^HوXXYZ\]H[]\]HوZ[\K[\YH[YKY[[[\[[[YH]\X]]Y[]Y\X^[[H[[ZK[[][]H[[܈ H[XYKX\X\][[[\\[[YX][[][]Y\‚[[][\\[H\[\Xۙ\HۈH[XYH]H[[\HH\Y[HۙXY\[XۛZX][Y[ [][]HZ[[[Y[ۘ[\][ۋ][\\[XY[ H[H\Z[HX\\&\[XXYZ[\][ۈ]H\\[YHوݙ\Y[[[PH]HRU[وX[Y[Y[ XZ[[HH\[YY[H[XYH[[ \[\H\\X[P[Y\X[][\[H\\\H\Y[X\ۈHX\X\]XHXܘ]]KH]X\K\XXXۛZX][Y[Y[HوH]NH[Z\[ۙ\ۈHݙ\ܸ&\\X[P[Y\X[[Z\[ێH[[ܘ]X]H[Z]YHY[X\[^X]]H[Z]YHY[X\܈HX\X\][[ܘ]X\NH\Y[X\[XHZ\وH[]\]H[Z]YHوH][ۘ[XYYHو]Y\X\X\]]HZ\وH[[ܘ]X][X\[ٙXX[]X[\X܈وH[[[[ܘ]وX\X\][\\[H[X[][ۘ[X\]HڙX H M B