Yawp Mag Issue 29 The Five Humour Styles - Page 2

Publisher’s Notes YAWP has been on a pretty sizeable break since early 2015 but we’re happy to be back! We have many new changes to the magazine, first of which is Miss Steph Gray is tardy. Probably having a fag out behind the school library. No I’m pleased to announced that Steph, who was the Magazine Director for one year and was part of the media team as well as the illustrator a year previous to that was our longest serving and most talented kid at the magazine. I want to start by saying a big thank you to her for the countless hours and the stress and toil that went into making those 12 issues, the conversation over what and what not to include and the use of her illustration which now fetches a high price which speaks more to what she is worth. Thanks so much for your help Steph. Steph Gray’s illustration can be found on facebook on her page “Stephdrawsstuff” and her website www.stephgray.com.au In other announcements, we moved from our Northcote base right after comedy festival. The move took a lot out of us and we were for a while there without a place to put that massive green couch. But I am pleased to say that my strategy of sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring did pay off and we have now found a new headquarters. Due to the nature of the nature of the settlement, we cannot announce the location of the new digs but we can say that we are super excited. The location provides a space for the office headquarters, podcasting studio for avid podcasters to come and use the space, plus it will also serve as the location of the 2015 season of the Good Hurt. Something which we’ve been wanting to bring back for a while now. Finally, something completely new for the magazine. My retirement from the front page! I am merely this magazine’s publisher. There are a host of people that I’d like to introduce to you that help run this magazine. Next issue, the publication notes will give way to these new names as they take on the magazine’s scope and direction. They are a bunch of black belts! And I can’t wait to work with them and show you what we’ve been working on. @beaufitzpatrick