Yawp Mag Issue 29 The Five Humour Styles | Page 8

Introduction & affiliative humo Dr Jay Brinker Introduction and Affiliative Several years ago a researcher by the name of Rod Martin set out to identify and measure different humour styles to better understand humour in the context of health, both physical and psychological. While much of the world was touting humour as a singularly good thing, Martin realized that there were negative forms of humour that could be hurtful and psychologically damaging. From his research, he conceptualized four different humour styles; affiliative, self-defeating, aggressive and self-enhancing – each with it’s own unique facets, relationships and outcomes. “People who describe themselves as using more affiliative humour also report being more agreeable, and more extroverted...” It is important to understand that these humour styles are not descriptive of people in the way that personality traits are. I would not say that I have an affiliative style, or that someone else has a self-enhancing style. We may use one style more than others, but it is most likely that everyone uses all of the styles at different times and for different reasons. The first style we’ll talk about is the affiliative humour style which is the tendency to share humor with others, tell jokes and funny stories, amuse others, make others laugh, and to enjoy laughing along with others. As you can see this is benign humour with no offense to anyone, including the joke tellers the