Yawp Mag Issue 29 The Five Humour Styles | Page 17

New Release Films Get Hard Release date: March 27th A comedy film about an investment banker who is wrongly convicted of a crime and has to learn to adapt to life in prison with the help of the man who washes his car. The Voices Release Date: April 30th A bachelor lives in an average apartment, with two pets, a dog and a cat. He has just started a new job and soon finds that he has taken a liking to one of his fellow employees and excitedly goes home to tell his pets about his new found love, which is when things go strange as his pets start to respond to his stories. The Wedding Ringer Release date: 12 February Wolfcop Release Date: 6 June An alcoholic cop tries to bet- ter himself but learns that the causes for his blackouts may not be just alcohol related but rather due to his deep secret. A man is about to marry the woman of his dreams but to make the wedding complete, he needs a best man. He turns to Best Man Inc. to find someone for the wedding which is quickly approaching and the groom and the best man, despite just meeting, have to fool everyone into thinking that they have been friends for a while.