Yawp Mag Issue 29 The Five Humour Styles | Page 10

Aggressive Humour Dr Jay Brinker Aggressive humour is one of the maladap- names in 1969. tive humour styles proposed by Rod Martin The interesting part of this is that it began and his colleagues. as a way to deal with hecklers, people that Again, this humour style was conceptual- we would generally agree are the bane of a ised from the point of view of the person us- comedian’s life. The most adept comedians ing it and is defined as the tendency to use learn very quickly how to shut down a heckhumor to disparage, put down, or manipu- ler and move on with their set. late others, the use of ridicule or offensive humor, and the compulsive expression of Aggressive humour is a very effective way of stopping a behaviour or putting an end to humor even when inappropriate. an argument. I once witnessed a married When people think of aggressive humour, couple having a strange argument about the they likely think of insult comics. These relative trials of each gender. The husband comedians make a living out of clever put- suggested it was more difficult to grow old downs and barbed wit. as a man because men lose their hair. The wife’s retort quickly brought an end to the One website lists Don Rickles as the best discussion “You’re not losing your hair, it’s insult comic of all time and suggests that sliding down your back.” he became an insult comic as a result of his deft retorts and counter attacks against One of the points to consider when talking hecklers in the crowd. When you search about aggressive humour is the intent befor Don Rickles stand-up on the internet, hind it. When Don Rickles teases Dean you find an old recording from 1969 which Martin about never having liked him, the auintroduces him as the Sultan of Insult, the dience does not get the sense that it is true, Merchant of Venom and the Pussy Cat with nor that it is intended with malice. Claws. He then proceeds to insult all of the big names in the audience….well the big The wife in the above exampl HX^H]