Xtraordinary Women Magazine February 2014 | Page 2

About Us

Who is Gwen Kloppers?

Gwen resigned from a very successful corporate career of 19 years to pursue her own dreams of being an entrepreneur and living out her purpose. Xtraordinary Women was born out of Gwen's passion to create a community and platform for Xtraordinary Women..doing eXtraordinary things...

Gwen began Xtraordinary Women to inspire women to live their lives on purpose as she is passionate about women and helping them turn their dreams into reality.

Being Self-Employed for 8 years and running two successful companies, Gwen understands the challenges women face when trying to find their purpose and start a business whilst maintaining a balanced life.

Gwen has extensive experience in many different fields. She spent almost 10 years at ABSA Bank after which she left to obtain her MSCE.

She spent the next 8 years in the IT field where she obtained various IT qualifications, managed various projects and implementations. She is also a mentor for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

She studied at UCT's Graduate School of Business in 2003, where she learnt the fundamentals of business.

Networking, connecting people and hosting events that inspire people are among the Gwen's favourite things.

"I've finally found my Purpose in life."

Why Us?

Xtraordinary Women is a platform to help Lead, Inspire, Support and Recognise Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa. It takes a community to build a business, and Xtraordinary Women is that community.

Our Promise:

To inspire success and to create a platform for magic to happen.

Our Purpose:

To encourage and support Ordinary Women to do Extraordinary Things.

Our Vision:

To support the South African economy by building a community of successful women in business and to showcase what South Africa has to offer.