Wye Valley River Festival 2016 - Page 8

Dan Fox is a musician, composer and audio-visual artist specialising in outdoor work. He produces sound design for illuminated trails, interactive installations, aeolian sound sculptures, sound-walks, street-bands, and mobile Boom Bike sound systems. Cymbals of Redbrook creating an intervention that lets us see or hear a place in a new way cr as hin g lash ing An audio visual installation on the former railway bridge spanning the Wye at Redbrook between England and Wales. An avenue of cymbals suspended from tall poles diffuse sound through shimmering copper-alloy instruments. The composition will gradually change and absorb its environment: sounds of the river, of the bridge, local voices talking about their relationship with the bridge, the river and the Wye Valley. At night the installation comes alive with synchronised LED lighting. Experience the installation on Redbrook Bridge anytime between May 2 - May 8, 10am -10pm “ There is also a Mini Serai, May 5, 11am - 7pm I grew up on the road with a travelling theatre company I got into sound at a young age- helping set up pa systems. I think my work now is somewhere between a travelling fairground and a sonic artist. dan fox danfox.net ” 70% of an adult’s body is made up of water.