Wye Valley River Festival 2016 - Page 20

sprin in kl g Following the success of the inaugural Wye Valley River Festival in May 2014 there was much enthusiasm to do it again! Through 2015 an extensive Research and Development (R&D) process brought over 60 environmentalists, artists and community representatives together to explore the theme of the River as a Global Artery, debating and discussing our relationship with landscape, rivers and the social and political implications and ramifications of our use of water and our dependency upon it. The seed was sown, watered by successful fundraising and planning you can now enjoy its succulent fruit. The Wye Valley River Festival’s outreach projects started in early March 2016, combining arts and environment in a unique and inspiring way. Artists, writers, musicians, designers and crafts people worked with community groups, schools and individuals on a range of projects leading up to the Festival. citizen science More than 550 schoolchildren across the Wye Valley were busy pond dipping and surveying water quality in advance of the River Festival. Countryside professionals and volunteers introduced children to pond dipping and water testing using the Freshwater Habitats Trust testing kit and they also took part in the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) survey. opalexplorenature.org