Wye Valley River Festival 2016 - Page 2

flo win g ebb ing Welcome to one of our nation’s most treasured and unique river landscapes with a scenic beauty which has inspired artists and thinkers for generations. Between Hereford and Chepstow a 58 mile/92km stretch of the River Wye meanders through fertile farmland, spectacular limestone gorge scenery and dense ravine woodlands. Superb wildlife, intriguing archaeology and impressive geology led to the government’s designation, in 1971, of the Wye Valley as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Long recognised as an exceptional landscape with nationally important natural resources, the now tranquil valley was one of the first places to industrialise in the 16th-19th centuries, fuelled by water power from the tributaries and charcoal from the woodlands. People traded goods up and down the river and to markets and ports world-wide. Meanwhile the concept of 'the Picturesque' was developed by artists and thinkers in the late 18th century popularised through the two day river trip from Ross to Chepstow. www.wyevalleyaonb.org.uk #WyeValleyRiverFestival @WyeBeauty www.facebook.com/WyeValleyRiverFestival