Wye Valley River Festival 2016 - Page 14

seeping Serai: str a place for coming together of travelling ea caravans and people, for ming stories to be told and amazing things to happen The main performance and activity space is shared around three intriguing caravans, the 'River A&E Laboratory' and the great Samovar (see previous page). Add the Water Ones wrangling in a comic chaos of pouring and spilling, singing and dancing, and you are immersed in the world of water and dreams of the river characters. The Wye Serai Caravans are curated by artists and environmentalists (A&E) to create intriguing worlds for you to explore, hosted and brought to life by the river characters. They come together for the main Wye Serai events and then dissolve to individual locations mid-week as they meander and permeate through local schools, towns and villages caravan of myths and legends Caravan of Hydrosities and curiosities Share stories, myths, legends, poetry from rivers around the world, including recorded stories, live performance, writing workshops, from sea to shore, rain to river, cloud to puddle, tributary to source, to ponds and lakes, via springs, wells and waterfalls. Words as the water of life. This caravan is telling and collecting stories from the Wye Valley visiting schools, village greens, pubs, libraries, laybys and wooded vales. Discover a beautiful theatre of the river gypsies filled with maps, artifacts and stories connected with the river, water use and liquid nonsense, with visual representations of waterside creatures, river places and ocean going tribes, trowmen and troubadours. Thanks to our sponsors Puzzlewood Discover and explore all the possibilities of water, some understood, some yet undiscovered, some explained and some utterly unexplainable: Can water hold our and its own memories? Is the river a living thing? Two effervescent characters recall their own