WV Farm Bureau Magazine May 2012 - Page 9

Young Farmer and Rancher Update S Susan Wilkins, YF&R Vice-chair Wilki Vi h i National Volunteer Week was held in April and while it has already passed, you can never thank a volunteer enough. So this month I would like to say special thanks to the wonderful volunteers who make the West Virginia Farm Bureau work. The Farm Bureau is an organization that would most assuredly cease to exist if not for its volunteers. While the Farm Bureau employs hundreds of extremely wonderful and dedicated folks at both the state and national levels to further its causes, the true heart of Farm Bureau lies in its grassroots base of volunteers. Volunteers – like you – who are not being paid for the calls they make to their legislators, the county banquets and picnics they decorate and cook for, or the farm tours and safety days they help organize. Volunteers selflessly give of their time and talent, usually in the background, and often receive little or no thanks for the work they do. They expect no personal recognition or compensation other than a personal sense of satisfaction or fulfillment. Of course, being a volunteer can be frustrating. The time put in is often overlooked and efforts criticized. A volunteer’s biggest challenge sometimes ends up just trying to stay motivated. As a Farm Bureau member, you have surely volunteered your time in some way – big or small. So, if you have not been thanked lately – or even if you have – for the great work you do for our Farm Bureau, THANK YOU! The community you live in is better, this organization is stronger, and the future of agriculture looks brighter because of YOU. THE# RAM DEALER IN THE STATE! 1 UP TO ALL BRAND NEW ALL BRAND NEW 2012 RAM 1500 QUAD CABS & CREW CABS LARGEST RAM SELECTION! STATEWIDE DELIVERY! 1-800-690-2780 WWW.URSEDODGE.NET 14 TYGART MALL LOOP WHITE HALL, WV See dea \܈]Z[ˈ[ZX\ۛK\^ ]HX[H[Y\ˈX[\]Z[[X]\[Y]HوT\\[XH\H\X]H]‚B