WV Farm Bureau Magazine May 2012 - Page 17

Former West Virginia Farm Bureau President, Paul Nay, Dies Paul Nay, past president of West Virginia Farm Bureau, died April 9, 2012. He was 94. Mr. Nay, from Good Hope in Harrison County, served as president of West Virginia Farm Bureau from 1961-1983. He and his late wife, Ella, operated Nay’s Riverbend Farm, a 440acre dairy and beef cattle operation, with their son, Don. He also had a small Holstein operation in Lewis County. He was a graduate of Unidis High School in West Milford, and attended West Virginia University. During his career, Mr. Nay served as a director on several boards, including: West Virginia Federal Land Bank Association (president for several years); West Virginia Farm Bureau; Farm Family Life Insurance; Farm Family Mutual Insurance, Farm Credit Board of Baltimore (chairman, two years); and the American Farm Bureau Federation. In 1985, Nay was inducted into the West Virginia Agriculture and Forestry Hall of Fame. He was the recipient of a number of other awards during his lifetime as well, including 4-H All Stars, WV FFA State Farmer Degree and American Farmer Degree; Y[ۘ[[ۜ\][ۈ]\ՕH\\[[XHYXH[H]\܈][[\XHYܚX[\N\\[XH\H\X]H\[Z\Y\XH]\[Ո R[[[HXۚ][ۈ]\ \^H\[X]H[H\Y]Hو\]HX\&\Z\H\]]H[H\\[XHZ\[Y[&\\X][ۋ[Z\YH]^[[Z]YHۈYZ[\][ۈو\XH[\\[XK\HH[Y[\^HH\[Hو\[H[[Z[]K\^H\\]YHYHؙۜ\YH^H[YHX\H[[ܙHX\ۈ^H[YH\[ۘ[[^H[YH\N]Y\[]YH]H[\ؘ[]Y[XܘZ[]\[\ؘ[XN[Hܘ[[[[Y\ܙX]ܘ[[[[ۙHܙX] Yܘ[ۋۙHۋX\\H^KXYY[H[X] 8'\H\X]H\HܙX]XY\[HY[ 8'HZY\Y[\\[ۙˈ8'H\H[[\Y[X\[\\^K[X\YHH\^[\HوXY\\ 'HXݙKY][^HܙY][Y\X[\H\X]HY\][ۈ\Y[؈[X[]H Ց[X[YY][ˈXݙKY[H[][^H\HXۚ^Y\[HՑ[X[YY][[ݙ[X\  \\[XH\H\X]H]‚M‚