WV Farm Bureau Magazine May 2012 - Page 10

Order Your WVFB Cookbook Today! Cookbooks are $15 each, plus $3 shipping & handling for up to 3 books. Add $1 s/h per book for each additional book over 3. Allow 7-10 days for delivery. Yes! Send _____ cookbook(s) to: Name_______________________________________ Address_____________________________________ City/State/Zip_________________________________ Enclosed is my check made out to WVFB, or charge to my credit card: VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER Wilfong, continued food production capability. We must continue to challenge EPA’s tactics. West Virginia Farm Bureau will take any and all actions possible in this challenge. The EPA is not going to “crucify” our farmers without a fight they won’t forget. We will need everyone’s help in this effort. We will need your assistance financially to support some actions, and we will need your commitment to make sure that we have elected officials at both state and national levels who will help rein in the EPA and stand up for our rights. Did You Know... The same chemicals that give tart cherries their color may relieve pain better than aspirin and ibuprofen in humans. Eating about 20 tart cherries a day could reduce inflammatory pain and headache pain. Card # _________________________________________ Exp. date___________________ Security code_________ Mail to: WVFB Cookbook, 1 Red Rock Road, Buckhannon, WV 26201 No phone orders, please. LIVESTOCK RISK PROTECTION (LRP-FED CATTTLE) Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)-Fed Cattle is designed to insure against Beef producers may select from a variety of coverage levels and insurance periods that correspond with the time their market-weight cattle would normally be sold. WHEN AND HOW DO I SIGN-UP? LRP-Fed Cattle may be purchased from approved livestock insurance agents. Premium rates, coverage prices, and actual ending values are posted online daily at: http://www.rma.usda.gov/tools/livestock. html WHAT IS COVERED? Beef producers submit a one-time application for LRP-Fed Cattle coverage. After the application is accepted, be purchased for up to 2,000 head of heifers and steers (weighing between 1,000 and 1,400 pounds) that will be marketed for slaughter near the end of the insurance period. LIVESTOCK GROSS MARGIN DAIRY (LGM-DAIRY) LGM Dairy Cattle insurance provides protection to dairy producers when feed costs rise or milk prices drop. Gross margin is the market value of milk minus feed costs. LGM Dairy uses futures prices for corn, soybean meal, and milk to determine the expected gross margin and the actual gross margin. WHAT IS COVERED? LGM Dairy covers the difference between the gross margin guarantee and the actual gross margin. Indemnity payments will equal the difference between the gross margin guarantee and the actual total gross margin for the insurance period. LGM-Dairy Does Not Cover: Risk of dairy cattle death, unexpected production (milk) losses, unexpected increase in feed use, anticipated or multiple-year declines in milk prices, anticipated or multiple-year increases in feed costs. WHEN AND HOW DO I SIGN-UP? The insurance period contains the 11 months following the sales closing date. For example, a sales closing date in January has an insurance period of February through December. However, coverage begins in the second month of the insurance period. In this example, the coverage will be from March through December. To learn more about these and other crop insurance products http://smallfarmcenter.ext.wvu.edu/cropinsurance CONTACT A CROP INSURANCE AGENT OR: VISIT THE AGENT LOCATOR TO FIND AN INSURANCE AGENT: Tom McConnell Program Leader, WV Small Farm Center (Phone) 304-293-2642 (Fax) 304-293-6954 (Email) TRMcConnell@mail.wvu.edu http://www3.rma.usda.gov/apps/agents/ 10 West Virginia Farm Bureau News