Writers Tricks of the Trade Volume 7, Issue 4 Winter 2018 - Page 9

Morgan’s Corner Morgan’s Corner #VegasStrong M ORGAN S T . J AMES , E DITOR LOOKING FORWARD TO 2018 Morgan St. James, Editor Editor Silver Sisters Mysteries F IRST B OOK IN THE S ERIES FREE F OR A L IMITED T IME - K INDLE A ND E PUB E DITION A MAZON , B&N, A PPLE , S CRIBD , K OBO , P AGE F OUNDRY , 24 S YMBOLS ***** My first bit of “writing-related” news is about the Silver Sisters Mysteries. My sister/co-author Phyllice Bradner, who lives in Oregon, came to visit over the holidays and we were determined to begin plot- ting Book 5 in the series, working title: Murder in the Mansion. Cont’d page… great. We got lots of ideas organized and had a The first next day went pretty good idea of where we were headed. What more could you want? A great sister visit and the beginning of a new book. I’ve become a regular panelist on James Kelly’s show “Aspects of Writing,” which is broadcast on a variety of stations...click the link above for the listing of where you can hear or see it. You can also find links and lots of information in this issue’s Life Story feature where James shares how he accidentally got into producing the show. Any- way, with Phyllice in Las Vegas, it was a perfect opportunity for us to be his guests on a show about Writing With a Sibling. Everything went great, and it was really a good show. Day Three of Phyllice’s visit. I woke up all ready to dive into the next phase of working with the plot of our new book. But the Fates had a different idea. She was as sick as the proverbial dog with the hacking cough that was going around. By the following day, I had it too, and we spent Christmas both laid out on sofas in my family room, coughing without letup and watching old Perry Mason reruns. That was how her entire visit was spent. If you have had it, you know how nasty that particular cold or flu is. On the bright side, since we write mysteries, I guess we could call it research. Instead of the Christmas dinner we were invited to, our dinner consisted of tea, honey and lemon, cough drops, and soup. The 3rd book in the Silver Sisters series, VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS, has just been released as an audio book from Books in Motion. Book 4, Diamonds in the Dumpster, will go into audiobook production soon, which means all the Silver Sisters books will be available as audio- books. Sometimes writers miss the fact that once your book is published it is really important to get in touch with your personality, speaking and/or reading ability and...yes...your sense of humor. That is where W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE P AGE 1 W INTER 2018 R ECENT R ELEASE R ECENT R ELEASE Audio Sample